Songwriting on the pulse of time and a voice you won't forget - this is In Dialogue

Latest topics, like the title track Change or the catchy Peace of Mind alternate with stories and love songs and let the album appear topical and attractive at the same time.  The debut production Change shines especially with Laura M.'s expressive voice, but also with brilliant acoustic guitar and strong emotions.

The title track Change is up to date thematically. The lyrics are about the many changes that are currently a worldwide topic. The necessity of these changes In Dialogue approach in the lyrics very personally. Musically, this track is a piano ballad, which strongly underlines the drama of the topic with orchestral elements.

After some years of participation in Europe Spirit Music Project, this interesting songwriting team now gets produced by the British label DH Records. Singer and lyricist Laura M. after her studies in linguistics and longer stays abroad comes with a personal maturity that can be experienced in her vocal expression. The emotional presence of her voice is fascinating and captivating, while the pairing with her guitar playing is reminiscent of songwriting legends.

During her studies in Nottingham/UK, Laura-M received intensive guitar-coaching from jazz guitarist Derek Crehan (Spirit'n'Jazz), who has trained some touring guitarists. This is quite audible in her playing and Crehan also provided support with backing-licks and solo parts on two songs (2+4).

With his music studies, orchestral and jazz background, multi-instrumentalist Dominic is responsible for sophisticated arrangements and for the symbiosis of music and lyrical content. He not only plays guitar on this album, but also trumpet, flugelhorn and last but not least flute, with which he is creating strong moods

The project name In Dialogue is thus agenda for the deep themes as well as for the interaction. This duo has got sparkling inspiration, so it only took a few months to produce these songs. And there are more to be expected ...

The album
Change is designed as a total work of art. This is already clear in the Intro, which immediately provides musical echoes of themes that return later. But even without this overall view Change offers a number of radio-ready songs, with no piece loosing attention. So it is difficult to name only a few play tips. 

In the tradition of great songwriters In Dialogue deal with the most current topics. This is already clear in the title song Change, which focuses on the need for changings and whose topicality cannot be surpassed. And the lyrics of Love Is Stronger promote an attitude that could just be seen as a solution to the world's social problems. Thus, In Dialogue are interesting interview partners.

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Laura M. - guitars, bs, vocs

Dominic - guitar, trumpet, flugelhorn, flute

Derek Crehan - guitar (2+4)

Paul Douglas - trombone, backing vocs (13)

Gunter Hauser - pn, bs, rhythms

Josua Niklas - sax

Maria Hauser - violin

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